Friday, July 26, 2013

First Peek in my Classroom

Woah. It has been a busy two weeks! We had district induction with the ASD and learned more about Common Core and how this year is going to run. It has been insane as we go 8-4 everyday in sessions, meetings, and planning with other teachers. It's been so great to get to plan with some other 4th grade teachers though! I'm not sure if I said this on here yet, but I will be teaching 4th grade ELA, math, and social studies. We have three 4th grade teachers and each of us teach ELA and social studies to our homeroom, then we switch and teach all three classes either math, science, or technology. So I'll be teaching three hours of math, two hours of ELA, and one hour of social studies each day. I'll post more about my schedule another day!

Today was the first day of our planning week with our individual schools, which meant going over procedures with our teams and then getting into our rooms for a couple hours. Ready to see S202?? They were taken on my phone and are a little rough, but it's my first peek! These are the before pics, for sure.
When you first walk in the room.
The board on the far wall is my SMARTboard! Yay!

I made the back left corner my "teacher area"
because that was where the big cabinets were. 
Check out those lockers! No cubbies for these fourth graders ;)

My "teacher area"... for now
So today I moved the students' desks into pods of four (Kagan shout-out) and moved the kidney table over to my "teacher area". I wanted an area for guided reading, but also a "home base" that I could keep papers, folders, binders, etc. We were given a generous gift certificate to an education store in Memphis and boy am I ready to shop! I need to figure out some organization, for sure, and am ALL OVER Pinterest right now.

Each room has a college name to encourage the kids to reach for college and OF COURSE I picked UF. I went ahead and decided to make Gators and the swamp my entire theme. Get ready for some orange and blue bulletin boards, friends! If anyone has some Gator gear burning a hole in their pockets, email me ;)

Excited to spend a weekend "relaxing"!

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