Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Week Down, Six To Go

Ok, time to celebrate. I survived my first week of Institute! One week ago today, I was driving into Memphis with a car full of junk and a stomach full of butterflies. I seriously feel like I've been here a month, every day has been so so long! Last week was very inspiring and general and this week we get into more of the concrete ideas.

To celebrate surviving my week of endless sessions, I had a really fun weekend! My Transitional Team Leader (TTL) took me and another girl in my group on a little tour of Memphis and we went by my apartment in a fourplex. I hadn't seen it yet and my apartment is still being remodeled, so we wandered inside and found it unlocked and got to explore! It was very exciting =] Then I got to meet my neighbors downstairs and they were so nice. They let us walk through their apartment and we chatted about Memphis some before exchanging numbers and making plans to attend their house-warming party. Win. Then we went for sushi and froyo, which, if you know me at all, you know I was very pleased. It was just a really nice night to forget about Institute and relax and laugh.

Froyo at YoLo hehe so fun
Saturday I slept in, had some brunch downstairs, and just lounged. Definition of lounged: watching Real Housewives of the OC in bed while working on my online class intermittently. Then we headed downtown for a baseball game! We had free food from Rendezvous (delicious) and the weather was beautiful. We had some fireworks to top it all off!
America's pasttime

Oooooooh aaaaaaaaaah
Today I went to church at Fellowship Memphis: Downtown with about 15 other TFA girls! I really enjoyed the service and am looking forward to joining a community here in Memphis =] We went to Young Avenue Deli for lunch and oh my goodness. Delicious. I had a pita with turkey, bacon, gouda, and bbq sauce with sweet potato fries on the side. I have been here a week and haven't eaten at a chain yet. Jealous?
That's not three beers, btw, it's the ketchup/mustard holder haha
TFA hasn't given me a drinking problem....yet....
Then we allllll headed over to Starbucks to work on our first big assignment- to write a vision and set goals for our summer school class. (Does ordering a drink here mean I've eaten at a chain? ouch)
TFA takeover!
I leave you with this. It was seen on a post-dinner walk some of us girls took. I guess when a tree looks funny, you go with it. Here goes week 2 of Institute!!
Help! I'm trapped underground! 

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  1. Good to get a bird's eye view of your week in Memphis. Sounds like you're really enjoying it. Thanks for keeping us informed. We miss you already.