Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Favorite Places in Memphis (so far)

Hey everyone! Good news: Institute is just about halfway over and I am flying to Tampa a week from tomorrow for Lexi's wedding! This break cannot come fast enough. I'm enjoying summer school, don't get me wrong, but it's exhausting leaving my dorm at 6:15 every morning and not getting back until 7:30ish at night. But in this post, I wanted to share about some of my favorite spots I've visited in Memphis on weekends and such. We are super busy during the week so dedicate our weekends to exploring!

Midtown is Memphis, you guys
Of course I had to check out the children's section at the public library. This section is gorgeous! There are these huge plastic colorful trees and little nooks for the kids to read in. It makes me want to be little again and just hide with a good book =] 
So Seussical
Overton Square is another of my favorite places. It's a couple of blocks of restaurants and bars and it has a great atmosphere. Everyone's walking around and sitting on patios outside. 

So hip and happening
I went two nights in a row last weekend for happy hour for our summer school at Louie's, then a group of us had dinner at Chiwawa's with dessert at Yolo. Chiwawa's is a really cool Mexican place. We sat outside on the deck and had drinks, chips with salsa and queso, and some tacos. Perfect night for sitting outside and relaxing! Yolo is a frozen yogurt AND gelato place. Let's just say I'm already in their reward system. Best part of Overton Square? It's only about 3 blocks from my apartment. Win. 

For our school happy hour get-together

Great people to explore with!
This past weekend was much more chill. I saw a couple movies, got to have dinner at a TFA donor's home (they were also Gators!) with some other corps members, and did some errands. However, I did check out Beale Street for the first time Friday night. We went with a big group for drinks and dancing and had a lot of fun! It's really overwhelming because of all the people, but if you have a big enough group, it feels more manageable.
Hello Beale Street
So those are some of my favorite Memphis places so far and how I've been spending my weekends. Of course my favorite place is my classroom =] thanks for keeping up with me!

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  1. Sounds like you're having an exciting life. 6:15 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. makes for a LONG, LONG day. Enjoy. We love you and miss you at home.