Friday, April 12, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

Hey everybody, I'm sorry I've been MIA the last 3 weeks! We had spring break and I went to Tampa for Roxanne's wedding (check out her blog here) and then to New Orleans to visit Casey, my bestie from high school. It was such a great spring break and EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.

Beautiful wedding!

Teacher friends =]

Casey and I in New Orleans

Being tourists

We ate our way through the city- naturally.

Then we had Monday, April 1st as an inservice day and I was only at school Tuesday and Wednesday before I got hit with a stomach bug and had to stay home two more days. I really wanted to be careful though, because I did NOT want to give my kids any germs right before FCAT. 

This week we just reviewed everything we needed to, covered up all of our bulletin boards, signs, and books (basically everything but the brick wall) with giant sheets of paper (no cheating here!), and rearranged the room for our big test next week. 

We are so looking forward to getting past this test! I feel confident in my kids and I know they'll do great! We also have a respectable pile of snack food piling up that families have brought in for the afternoons of the FCAT. I think with all this hard work, our kiddos definitely deserve some Cheez-its and Disney movies ;)

In internship news, I had my FINAL observation on Wednesday! That makes 11, in case you were wondering. To give you a comparison, the other interns at my school (from UNF) do 4. Let that sink in. The only thing I have left is an informal observation by my supervisor and a principal observation. I'm going to do both of these during the month of May when I'm teaching full-time. At least I'll be prepared for the 6 observations I need per year in Tennessee! Bring it on.


  1. Do you know why you have had 11 observations and others have only had 4?

  2. I think because we're in there all year and they're only there for a semester. Plus, we have our teacher AND our college supervisor observe us and I think only their UNF supervisor observes them.