Monday, April 22, 2013

And So It Begins

Boy did I have a case of the Monday's this morning. I had a fantastic bachelorette weekend with Lexi, our bride-to-be, and the other fabulous bridesmaids/MOH, where we slept in late, got our nails done, dressed up for dinner, laughed way too much, and saw Taylor Swift sing her heart out. It was hard coming back. Trust me.
PS: Slutty brownies were a hit
Countdown clock says 6 weeks until I move to Memphis and 5 more weeks of my internship. Eeek! Today was my first day taking over the classroom and I taught all day, minus a half hour math lesson (I'm easing my way in). I would definitely say the hardest part was all the planning. The more you plan, the less you have to worry about later!
6 Weeks. Cue panic.
We're starting to learn a little bit about literature circles and the kids were SO EXCITED. They actually thanked me when I announced it. Lol I guess it's all in how you phrase it and saying "I thought I would reward you for working so hard by letting you do literature circles the last 6 weeks of school. But if you don't want to, we can go back to what we know." They jumped at it!

We're teaching jobs this week. Today was "Super Summarizer"
I'm going to try a jigsaw lesson tomorrow and cut out these cute little briefcases out of construction paper for the kids to write their "expert" facts on. I'll let you know how it goes!

Hoping this rain stops so we can get some outdoor recess time. Our kiddos are so tired of being cooped up inside and so. am. I. Here's hoping Tuesday is less gloomy than today was!

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  1. Don't ever run out of your energy,vitality and
    creativity. Enjoy Teaching these next few weeks. One of my friends told me her niece did two years of Teach for America in New York City. She's now working on her Doctorate.