Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring (Break) Fever

Two more days! Two more days! Not sure who's more excited about spring break- me or the kids?! Hehe I'm so used to having spring break the first week of March at UF so I'm a bit overdue for a break. At least it'll be warmer this year =]

Today was class picture day and I got to be in it! This class is so special to me and I hope I can get a copy of the picture to take with me to Memphis! Speaking of Memphis, I passed both of my praxis tests (one middle school and one elementary), had a phone interview with Gestalt and a phone interview with KIPP, was turned down by KIPP (sad), and had a video interview with Achievement School District. So now I'm waiting to hear back from the other two interviews. That's the latest update.

You know how we've been focusing on leadership and the 7 Habits by Covey? Well we had this great big Leadership Expo a couple weeks ago and it was so fun! We stayed after school and the kids and parents came in around 6. They had a tour (led by the 5th graders) of the different habits in different rooms and then came into our classroom to check out their science projects and talk with us. I love getting to talk with their parents and getting to know them all better. They've all been so sweet and welcoming to me! I have been so incredibly lucky this year =]

Look how cute these are! 7 Habits-themed-snacks! The administration made them for our last faculty meeting. 7 Habits are everywhere =]
7 Habits snack pack explanation

This weekend, I'll be heading to Tampa to celebrate a friend's wedding with some of my cohort girls, and then I'll have a couple days at home before (attempting) to go to New Orleans to visit my high school bestie. This is my THIRD attempt since September to get out there. So please ward off any hurricanes or flu virus' that look like they're coming my way!

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  1. This is a neat Habits project. I love the foods used and how they have related the food to the habit. I'll be anxious to see your class picture. Sure, you'll get one! They're anxious to sell as many as possible.