Sunday, March 3, 2013

Growing Up Can Be Fun!

Hi everyone! I have had a great week- is it sad that working (er. interning for no pay?) a 40 hour week versus a 50 hour week can make that big a difference? It's been great going home on time every day! I had a conference call with TFA on Wednesday. These are really neat. You call in to the conference call and put your phone on mute, then you log in online (I use my IPad) and watch the presentation. I feel like I'm on the Jetson's or something.

accidental Apple advertisement
I also got ANOTHER book in the mail, specifically for Memphis corps members. Bring on the reading!

In other job related news, I was contacted to fill out a job application with Gestalt Community Schools. This charter school reminds me a lot of KIPP and is really neat! They just started an elementary school this year so it'd be really cool to get in on the ground floor. Check out what they're doing here:

Submitted my application today!
This weekend, I got to go down to Tampa to see Lexi- my teaching partner from my pre-internship last year. Nothing bonds you faster than spending all day, everyday with someone for a whole semester! We were lucky to have each other and she asked me to be her bridesmaid during school one day while the kids were taking a test. Haha perfect timing- no squealing allowed. She's getting married in July and had her bridal shower this weekend! I can't believe it's only four months away. She'll be moving to Houston and I'll be off to Memphis and we'll be grown-ups with classrooms of our own- so insane! Well, here are the highlights of the shower:
Isn't my teaching partner pretty!

The bridal party

wedding pictionary

I loved these pretty little teacups

toilet paper gown

ribbon and bow bouquet. who needs flowers??
So that's what I did this weekend! This upcoming week, I start my science course. Science and technology are the two courses standing between me and a masters degree! Let's get this show on the road!

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  1. Sounds like a busy, busy schedule with a lot of work and fun. Did you ever have your KIPP principal interview? Is that out now?