Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Word About Discipline

Hi friends =] So I've been teaching all day since last Monday and oh my goodness, it is exhausting. I feel like I'm juggling five chainsaws all day long. I have ACTUALLY FORGOTTEN TO EAT. If you know me, you know that is very unusual. I usually plan my day around when I get to eat- true story.

One of the biggest things I've noticed is about discipline and behavior management. It's pretty easy to keep 22 kids in line for an hour long lesson every once in awhile, but having them all day is a whole 'nother story! The "Spring Fever" they've got doesn't help matters, either.

A couple of my boys were having trouble controlling themselves and were unfocused and giggly during lessons. I love these kids and KNOW they want to behave for me, they just need help refocusing. So I talked with the student having the most difficulty and since he and I bonded very quickly over Gator football, I came up with a little idea. Since Tim Tebow is such a fantastic leader and makes constant good choices, we called good leadership or good focus moments "Tebow Moments". Whenever I catch this student doing a great job, I just walk by and softly say "Tebow Moment". He absolutely loves it!

Today, he had a really great day and was so so proud of his "Tebow Day". I'm just glad that he's using his leadership abilities for good! Thanks for the inspiration, Tim ;)

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  1. Great idea to use Tim as a role model. Teaching every day all day is exhausting as you are finding out, but after a week or so you will discover you aren't quite so "pooped" at the end of the day. Every school year the first couple of weeks were always like this for me.